Do It Cheaply – Bath Soaks!

We’ve all had stressful days. Work or school can take a toll on us, sometimes. All I wanna do is relax after a long day. And if you’re like me, you’re sore as soon as you get home to chill out. Bath soaks are Epsom salts (and sometimes sea salts are added) that are often infused with flowers, herbs, oils, and other natural goodies to help you feel all nice and mellow after a long day. Since all of my friends work very hard, I decided to give the gift of relaxation in the form of bath soaks! Yay!

bath soak supplies
In this image: Epsom salt, olive oil/sunflower oil mix, containers, food coloring, dried roses, dried lavender, ribbon, measuring spoons, Popsicle sticks, scissors

Here’s what we’ll need:

  • small containers (pack of 10 for $1 at the dollar store)
  • Epsom salt (2lbs for $1 at the dollar store)
  • dried flowers (I chose rose and lavender – rose was $0.59/oz and lavender was $.30/oz, I got them at a health store called Stay Healthy! most health stores carry bulk herbs and flowers. You can also go to Amazon for bulk herbs and flowers)
  • optional oil (I chose a sunflower oil/olive oil mixture – $1 at the dollar store)
  • optional food coloring ($3.48 at Wal-Mart)

Total: $2.89 (without options or tax), prices goes up to $3.89 – $7.78 with options

We’ll also need:

  • measuring spoons
  • ribbon
  • scissors/knife
  • something to stir the mix with (I like to use wooden popsicle sticks – $1 at the dollar store)

If you don’t have measuring spoons, ribbon or scissors, go here for great places you can shop for them!

Here’s what we do: optional steps will be in blue

  1. Put 2-3 tablespoons of Epsom salt into one of the containers

    tbsp of epsom salt
    One tablespoon of epsom salt is already in the container. I added 3 tablespoons to the container in total
  2. Add 1-2 teaspoons of dried flowers – the more flowers you add, the stronger the scent will be

    Flowers in epsom salt
    Dried flowers (lavender and rose) on top of the epsom salt. I used 1/2 tsp for each flower
  3. Add 1-2 teaspoons of your oil – more oil equals more moisture

    tsp of oil
    1 teaspoon of olive oil/sunflower oil mix
  4. Add 3 drops of food coloring to your Epsom salt – you can use fewer drops for a lighter color, or more drops for a stronger color. Remember that because Epsom salt is white, the color may seem lighter than you want

    3 drops of food coloring
    3 drops of blue food coloring in epsom salt and dried flowers
  5. Mix the ingredients together – make sure there isn’t any liquid sitting on top of the Epsom salt

    soak mixed together
    Everything all mixed together. I love this color!
  6. Cut one piece of ribbon, and tie it on the container. If you want to, you can add an extra ribbon to make it more secure, and/or make it prettier. If you’re like me, and you have trouble tying ribbon for whatever reason, use a piece of tape to keep it secure.

    ribbon on soak
    I had to use tape to keep it down – the ribbon was not working with me, at all. This is before I added the second ribbon
  7. Run the edge of the knife/scissors along the ribbon to make it curl. The more times you run the edge along the ribbon, the more it curls

    2016-03-20 03-28-50.770
    Look at the pretty ribbons! I added a second ribbon to make it look prettier 

That’s it!

All you have to do now is give them to your friends! Yay! Your loved ones will love you even more for this! I highly suggest making a small batch for yourself, as well. This is the perfect way to pamper yourself after a long day.

How did yours turn out? What flowers did you decide to use? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


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